We value:

  • Healthy diversity

    Your body is an ecosystem. Boosting diversity of your diet, diversity of your microbiome as well as diversity of thought is one way of keeping you happy, healthy and radiant.

  • Self-acceptance & self-love

    Self-love is caring about your emotional and physiological needs on a regular basis.

    Self-love is building habits of self-care.

  • Harmony with nature

    Incorporating healthy herbs into your lifestyle is a convenient modern way of staying in contact with nature’s abundance.

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Our products deliver our values following 3 base principles:

1. Good Manufacturing Practices

Meadow of Health supplements are made in UK on GMPs certified facilities.

2. Ecological herbal farming

We use only best quality herbal material sourced from ecological herbal farms.

3. Scientific approach on herbal traditions

Our formulas are created under the guidance of practicing
medical herbalists and are backed with latest scientific studies.

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Meadow of Health is a family-owned company, founded by Natasha Kazarina (MSc in Medical Herbalism) and her daughter Alisa Kazarina (MSc in Pharmacy, PhD in Molecular Biology) - two generations of healthcare professionals bonded by their Northern European heritage.

Meet the founder

Founder of Meadow of Health, Natasha Kazarina, studied herbal medicine at the University of Middlesex and was awarded a MSc in herbal medicine. Since herbalism has been practiced in her family for generations, she began using medicinal herbs long before receiving her degree. In her early childhood, Natasha was surrounded by healing herbs, observing how herbal remedies were made and how they could be effectively applied in daily life as well as when nothing else worked.

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