A tasty way to boost your immunity during spring

A tasty way to boost your immunity during spring


Summer is the perfect time to grow herbs in your garden. Here are some useful herbal remedies which can improve your immune system, enhance your immunity, make you less susceptible to illness, reduce heat and fever, reduce redness, and help you relax and sleep.


Golden Summer Mint

This is a refreshing and tasty drink containing mint. By the way, there are about 600 varieties of mint around the world, but large supermarkets only offer one type. You can grow chocolate mint and banana mint in your garden or on a window sill.

They are different by look, smell, and taste, and even if anyone can guess that it is mint from tasting it, I'd recommend trying out different varieties of mint if you're a mint lover. Check out your local herbal nursery or order online as some companies send small potted plants by mail.



½ tea spoon of turmeric

a couple of leaves of mint

250 ml of whole milk OR almond milk

one leaf of Melissa herb

honey optimal



Put all ingredients into a blender and blend for a couple of minutes. Strain before consumption and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can prepare this wonderful drink on fire and make it warm or hot. Pour milk into a pot with all ingredients and heat to very hot temperature, do not boil. Keep it aside under the lid for about five minutes, strain, and enjoy!


It's so easy to make your own almond or oat milk for this drink! Put a handful of almonds or oats in a blender. Add 300 ml of water and blend for a few minutes. Strain the milk and use to prepare Golden Summer Milk.

The vegetable milk you make will be free from any additives that are typically found in vegetable milk purchased from a supermarket.

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